This web site is the place on the net where you can play the game and where you can become friend with other players in the community.

To access all the features of this community web site, you first have to login. To ease the process, you can login with you Facebook, Twitter or Google account in one click.

Here are the main sections of this web site:

  • News: this section is a bit comparable to a mini “Facebook” news feed. This is where you see what the other players did, what they won, who they challenged, etc… In this section, you can comment or “like” any news, as on other social networks.
  • Blog: this is where the Block’em team post articles about the game. You can also “like” them or comment them. This section is the only one visible for players that are not logged in. However, to comment articles, you will have to login.
  • Group: in this section, you can join or create interest groups to discuss topics of your liking. Don’t hesitate to join the “Idea Box” group and to propose game play ideas for the game :-)
  • Members: this is where you can browse other players’ activities to make new friends or to search for people you know.
  • Trophies: This section is not opened yet but will feature leader boards and competitions achievements.


The game run directly in your browser. You can launch it from this web site. This features is currently only available for beta testers.

We hope you will enjoy this community web site and assure you that we will do our best to listen to your feedback and enhance your experience.


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